You can brighten a room with a simple flower arrangement regardless of what season it is  by using artificial flowers.  We have some simple tips you will want to know to make your artificial flowers bloom in your home.

Artificial Flowers

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Decide on your arrangement

Select your vase and choose your artificial flowers.  Hold up your arrangement to work out whether your stems need trimming.

Place your vase on the bench and hold up your arrangement in front of the vase and in front of the bench.  Move the arrangement up and down to find the right height of where the flowers should sit in the vase.  This is generally 1/2 to 1/3 of the stem length above your vase.

Artificial FlowersCut & Bend Stems

If your stems are too long for your vase you will need to cut or bend them.

Option 1 – Cut Your Stem.

To cut your stems you can start by making a cut in the plastic at the correct point with your scissors and use wire cutters to get through the wire in the stem.

Option 2 – Bend Your Stem.

Determine how long the stem needs to be. Mark the point and bend it back on itself.  You can use florist wire to wrap around the stem to hold it together.

Artificial Flowers

Arrange Petals and Leaves

Before you place your stem in the vase, spread out the branches and leaves.  Shape the leaves into place around the flower so they take on a more natural look.

Make sure you evenly arrange your flowers so you dont have too many bunched together or leave a gap in your arrangement.

Artificial Flowers

Once you are finished arranging your flowers remember to stand back and view your arrangement from a distance and check you have an even display.

Artificial Flowers

Cleaning Tips

A hair dryer can blow away the dust from your artificial flowers or you can use a feather duster.  Use a damp cloth to wipe down your leaves on your plant to remove any dust.

how to arrange artificial flowers

Now that you know the secret to getting your artificial flowers looking fabulous we would love to see your arrangement.  Tag us on instagram @diydecorator or facebook. #diydecorator.