It’s school holidays again, and Christmas is just around the corner.  Have you got guests coming to stay?  If you do, now might be the perfect time to freshen up the guest bed with some new bed linen, but what’s the right bed linen for a guest bedroom?  I’ve got some great tips and options for you.

Victoria Bed Linen KMart

Victoria Quilt Cover Set – Just $36 for a Queen size from Kmart


Work out how much you are prepared to spend on bed linen for the guest room when the bed may only be used for a few nights per year.  When my guest bed isn’t being used I often find my dog Gus asleep on the bed, so I’m not looking to invest a lot of money in high quality bed linen.

I have sourced a range of bed linen that is suitable for a guest bedroom at an affordable price with queen size quilt cover sets ranging from $36  to $149 (at the time of publishing).

Bed Linen for the Guest Bed

Left:   Malibu Quilt Cover from Ezi Buy   |   Right:   Crushed Cotton Coral Quilt Cover from Pillow Talk

Pattern & Colour

Buying bed linen for the guest bedroom is a little different from buying linen for your own room.  Think of the guest bedroom like a hotel.  Do you want to walk in and be faced with a loud heavily coloured and patterned quilt cover screaming at you or would you prefer something simpler and less in your face?

Colour and pattern is great, but you don’t want it to be too busy.

If it’s only your Aunt coming to stay, by all means feel free to choose a feminine design but if your guest bedroom needs to be versatile and cater to a range of guests maybe a more simple colour palette and pattern might be better.  Here are some styles to consider:


Plain White

Bed Linen for the Guest Bedroom

Megan Gale London Quilt Cover Set from Target

Bed Linen for the Guest Bedroom

Linen & Cotton Quilt Cover Set from Target

Bed Linen for the Guest Room

Home Republic European Collection Lyon White from Adairs – Currently on sale from $249 to $149 Bargain!

Team a plain crisp white quilt cover with an accent colour.  In the above images white has been teamed with black, a neutral beige or soft pastel pink, but you can also add a more fun colour like aqua.

For this scheme to work you need to add colour in the accessories such as cushions, pillows, lampshades or a throw/blanket across the bed.  Some greenery through flowers or foliage will also lift the room.

Plain Colour

Bed linen for the guest room soft grey

Bond Silver Quilt Cover Set from Pillow Talk

Stonewash mint quilt cover for the guest bedroom

Home Republic European Collection in Stonewash Aruba Blue from Adairs

If white is too plain for you, choose a single colour with a plain pattern.  Use an accent colour in your accessories to add contrast and interest.

A Simple Pattern

Simple stripe bed linen for the guest room

Monteray Quilt Cover from Manchester Warehouse

Blue stripe bedlinen for guest bedroom

Linen House Darius quilt cover set from Manchester Warehouse


Criss-Cross Quilt Cover Set from Pillow Talk

If you want to keep the colour neutral but add a bit of pattern try a monochrome design.  The pattern will add interest, but by restricting the colours the bed linen will not overpower the room.  Good gender neutral patterns include; geometric patterns such as stripes, trellis, and chevron and organic patterns such as damask, and scrolls.

Go For It – Colour & Pattern

Chevron bed linen for the guest room

Ethan Chevron Quilt Cover Set from Pillow Talk


Gala Quilt Cover Set from Ezi Buy


Marley Quilt Cover Set from Manchester Warehouse

Now that you have both colour and pattern going on the bed, it’s time to keep some of the surroundings neutral and create some white space around the bed.  See how in the image above the bedside lamp is plain white rather than adding more colour and pattern?

How to Decide?

Go to your guest bedroom and have a look at what’s in there now.  See what colours and patterns are already in the room.

  • If your room is plain do you want to add a bit of colour (accent colour), a lot of colour, or keep it neutral and add lots of tone and texture.
  • If your room has colour in it, pick out a colour for the bed linen that will work with the other colours in the room.
  • If your room already has pattern in it such as wallpaper, curtains or lampshades, choose a pattern for the bed linen that is a different scale or design to the pattern already in the room.

Remember that when you buy new bed linen, it’s good to buy some accessories such as cushions, a throw or something to put on the bedside table that help link the bed linen to the rest of the room.

For more tips read our article on Guest Bedroom Ideas – How to create a welcoming Guest Room.