Today I have a fun DIY  project to update some old christmas baubles for your Christmas Tree.  Very simple to do and something everyone can join in with together to create the best dressed tree.
DIY Christmas Baubles

You can use any colour bauble your like, green, red, gold, silver, pink, blue or a clear bauble.  I have used some old gold, pink and clear baubles.

What you will need

  1. Craft glue.
  2. Glitter.
  3. Baubles.
  4. Ribbon to hang your baubles.
  5. Small paint brush.
  6. A small dish to hold your glitter.

Christmas baubles

Add Glitter to your Baubles

  1. I bought my glitter from Riot Art & Craft, I have used the smaller fine glitter.  You should only need one small bottle of glitter, a small amount does go a long way.
  2. I applied the glue directly from the bottle onto the bauble, for accuracy depending on the pattern you wish to glitter, a fine paint brush may help to apply your glue.  After you have applied your glue roll your bauble in the glitter you have placed in a small dish, do not press down, as this will spread the glue, just roll over the glitter gently.
  3. Finally I have used a glass to hang my baubles on to dry.

DIY Christmas Baubles

Make up your own designs or stick to spots and stripes.  Even try writing your name.  I have filled a clear bauble with a small amount of gold glitter, spread it around the inside of your bauble to create an antique like effect, no need to use any craft glue as it will just stick to the sides.

Christmas baubles

Adding a white or coloured bow to your clear christmas baubles will turn them into a feature on your tree that you can see, and help fill up your tree with decorations.

Christmas baubles

Have some fun with your pattern and designs on your baubles, mix up your colours or simply choose some glitter to match your christmas theme and wrapping.

sparkle to christmas baubles