A Beautiful Organised Laundry

The organisation is the key to a smooth-running laundry. A laundry that has plenty of pretty storage options will help keep you organised.  Maximise your storage space with baskets and clearly labelled containers.

Here are some simple products and laundry inspiration to help organise your laundry.

How To Create A Beautiful And Organized Laundry Room

Do you hate washing your clothes because the laundry room is a mess? You’re in luck, I have some simple tips that will help you create the organized and beautiful laundry room of your dreams!

  • The laundry room in our home is the busiest!
  • Why are you so busy, you may ask?
  • It has two additional uses besides washing clothes!
  • This room is also used as the entryway to our garage and as a pet station.
  • It must be both functional and beautiful.

Here Are My Top Tips For Creating A Beautiful, Organized Laundry Room

A Beautiful Organised Laundry
A Beautiful Organised Laundry


Add storage above or below your washer/dryer to maximize the space.

Use the vertical space provided by the wall to add shelves or cabinets!

We purchased pedestals for our washer and dryer to provide us with extra storage space underneath!

They elevate the machines so that they are more comfortable! 

Store Laundry Supplies

We store laundry detergents and whiteners under the washer.

We keep a steamer with distilled water, a funnel and an iron under the dryer.

Store laundry items on trays

Fabric Storage Basket
Fabric Storage Basket

I keep my main laundry soap and some decorative items in a metal round tray on top of the washer.

I like to add vignettes on the top of my washing machine and dryer.

They are not only beautiful but also allow you to store more items within easy reach!

Mixing functional and decorative pieces makes the room look beautiful.

When I need to reach the black fabric bins, the trays make it easier to move items!

The wood tray on top of the drying rack holds jars of dryer balls, clothespins and coins that I have retrieved from people’s pockets.

Use FABRIC BINS on top of the washer

Four fabric cubes are used to store toilet paper, tissue, paper towels and storage/trash bag backstock.

We placed them directly above the washer and dryer, saving us from buying and installing a second shelf.

You can see in the photo above that we have installed a shelf of white directly above the bins.

Use decorative baskets

Store items in cute decorative baskets!

I bought mine many years ago at Home Goods!

Store items on the side of the dryer

Last year, I made this cute lint bin to go on the side of my dryer!

The cracker box worked well and it has held up very well.

We still have a mask on our son and I moved the clean and dirty mask baskets to the lint container next to the washer!

Find a place to dry your clothes

In my laundry room, I use a rotating rack to dry my clothes.

If you do not have enough space to hang a rack in your room, you can purchase a wall-mounted drying rack or install a rod.

How to add beauty to the laundry room

Add some fun artwork to the laundry room and it will help you with your chores!

I have a sign explaining what the symbols in laundry mean! This is a great tool!!

I have a spot to store single socks while their partner is being found.

This beautiful picture is usually hung in my living area during the spring.

Instead of storing it for the remainder of the year, we decided to hang it up in the laundry!

It’s not common for people to hang artwork this high, but it’s my art and I love it! Right??

Let me know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of this post if I am crazy to hang it up here!

Cane Baskets with Notetag
Cane Baskets with Notetag

Does the laundry room have a door to the outside?

If you have a laundry room with a door leading outside, organize it so that coats, purses and keys, as well as shoes, are stored there.


Your laundry room can make a great place to store your pet’s supplies if it has outdoor access.

We store our pet products in the laundry area, as I have already mentioned in this post.

You can easily organize your pet’s supplies by reading this article.


Now that you’ve read my tips on how to create an organized and beautiful laundry room, it’s your turn to act!

To organize a space, I follow six simple steps. The steps include Prep, Clean, Polish, Personalize Place and Put Back.

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