A kitchen doesn’t really feel clean unless the kitchen sink is clean too.  We know how rare that can be, but we’ve found 5 ways to pretty up your kitchen sink that will make you feel better about your kitchen no matter what it looks like.

Sam's Sink

Sam’s Sink – See her post on Everything You Need to Know About Farmhouse Sinks

Shine Your Sink

No matter how old your sink is, giving it a really good clean will make it look better.  I have a stainless steel sink, so I use Gumption to clean it and Autosol Metal Polish to really make it shine.

Shiny kitchen faucet tap

Image: Cote de Texas kitchen via The Inspired Room

Many years ago I came across a Yahoo group (in the days before blogs) known as The Fly Lady.  Her goal was to get you back in control of clutter in your house and your life.  Her first step was to make the kitchen sink shine.  She believed that a clean sink gives you a sense of accomplishment and puts a smile on your face.  If you’re interested, you can read her post on Shining Your Sink.  Also check out The Organised Housewife’s post on Make Your Bench and Sink Sparkle.

Tidy Up Your Soaps & Sponges

We all have items near the sink that we need – soap, hand cream, sponges, plugs etc…  Place some of the items in the under sink storage area, then try to pretty up the items you need to leave out.  Here are some ideas:

pretty kitchen sink

Use a Cake stand – Stone Gable Blog

pretty kitchen sink

Use a collection of dishes to hold items – Martha Stewart

Pretty kitchen sink

Rattan Cutlery Holder used as sink storage – Valkoisen Talon Tarina

Use Pretty Soap or Lotion Dispensers

Use pretty bottles of soap and hand cream, or decanter washing liquid into a pretty dispenser that you can leave out on the sink.


Image – Elisabeth Heier

Decorate the Space Above the Sink

Sinks are often placed in front of windows.  Make sure the glass is clean and that you look out to something pretty.

kitchen window

Image – Better Homes & Gardens

If your sink is against a wall, decorate the space above the sink.  You could hang a wreath, plates or artwork.

rattan heart wreath kitchen sink

Image source

Add Flowers

Flowers make everything look pretty.

Flowers in farmhouse kitchen sink

Pink Peonies kitchen via Homebunch

Yes we know it’s not exactly practical to fill your sink with flowers, though it certainly is pretty.  Just try adding a small bunch or even a single stem in a bottle to the side of the kitchen sink.

pretty kitchen sink flowers

Erica Burns Interiors via DecorPad

So regardless of what your sink and tap look like, there are 5 ideas to help make your kitchen sink are look pretty.  Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time at the kitchen sink, so we may as well make it a space we enjoy being in.  If you have any clever ideas for your kitchen sink, please let us know.

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