Winter is the season when we spend more time indoors in our home and turn on the heating to keep warm.  Here are five tips to keep your home warm in winter.


Image: Flourish Design & Style via Decorpad

Close off any rooms in your home that aren’t being used to keep the heat contained to the rooms your are using.


Image: Alisberg Parker

Follow this Australian Guide to insulating your home, seal up any gaps around your doors or windows that can let in the cold night air.  Installing weather strips around doors and windows from Bunnings will keep your home snug and warm.  Add a door stopper to any external doors in your home, like this cute doggy door draft stopper from Mozi.



Image: Palm Design Group

Install pelmets over your windows.



Image: Elle Decor via Decorpad

Close your curtains at night when the temperature drops outside to keep the warmth in your home.


Image: McGrath Interiors via Decorpad

Service your heating system or appliance by a professional at least every two years to keep them running efficiently. Now your all organised for the cold winter temperatures don’t forget to get the throw rugs out mentioned in our previous news post and pop on some warm slippers.