Technology is making the workplace more flexible than ever before.  A home office that you can enjoy being in is inspiring as well as practical, so display pieces that you love and create your own inspiring Home Office space with these five simple tips.
Home Office Storage

Image: Best Friends for Frosting

Storage is the key to being organised and keeping items in their place, be sure to clearly mark your storage boxes to easily identify where your items are stored.

Home Office

Image: Popsugar

Go on, indulge in some pretty stationery for your office, who doesn’t love beautiful stationery to add style to your working space.

Home Office Artwork

Image: Adore Home Magazine

Personalize your home office with beautiful artwork and inspirational prints that mean something to you. Decorate with a beautiful cushion and a lamp.

Home Office Furniture

Image: HGTV via Decorpad

Choose the right desk and chair for your office, I love this bright turquoise French chair.

Home Office rugs

Image: Martha O’Hara Interiors via Decorpad

Whether you are using a separate room for your office or have set up a gorgeous office nook in your home, a rug will define your working space and protect your flooring.  Add colour and excitement with your rug and match your rug to a cushion or lamp in your office.  Do you work from home, have you just decorated your own home office space?