Do you have a dark room you would love to make look bigger, we have five simple ideas to make a dark room appear bigger and to enhance the natural light you get in a dark room and live in that space comfortably.   There are two key ways to enhance natural light, by improving interior reflectivity and reducing obstructions from dark oversized furniture.


Image: Duluxe

1. Paint your room in a light colour, choose from one of the many colours from the Duluxe whites and Neutrals Collection.  Don’t cover your walls with dark pictures, stick to light and bright artwork.


Image: Peridot Decorative Homeware

2. Use simple curtains and sheer fabrics that don’t block out the natural light to your room, which is something heavy curtains can do, if you have curtains in your room make sure they can be pulled right back to let the light flood in.  Select a blind that can roll up and not block the natural light to your room, but still keep in the warmth in winter and keep your room cooler in the warmer months.


Image: Christine Donner Kitchens

3.  If possible swapping solid doors for a door with glass panels will allow the light to travel from other rooms in your home.  Who doesn’t love an interior glass paneled door.


Image:  Decorpad

4.  Reflect light around the room using mirrors, place your mirror opposite a window or a lamp to create the maximum light reflection for that room.


Image:AM Dolce Vita

5.  This is an easy one, and clutter can creep up on all of us, clear your clutter away.  This will make your room appear larger and lighter.