Winter is here and there are still plenty of things to do in the garden.  I have a busy weekend ahead of me to prepare my garden for winter.  Follow these five simple tips to prepare for a beautiful spring garden and add some potted colour to brighten up your home.

Pruning rose Image:

Pruning your roses and hydrangeas to make way for the new growth is number one on your garden list.  The Rose Society of Victoria  has a very informative monthly guide to care for your roses.  Bare root roses are currently in nurseries and now is the perfect time to replace any roses or add new rose plants to your garden.

Winter garden

Image: Country Living

Prepare your vegetable garden beds for their next planting, clear out the old veggie plants and turn over your soil, adding some pea straw.  Gardening Australia has a Vegetable Planting Guide to provide you with an indication of what vegetables to plant month by month in your climate zone.

Planting garden bulbs

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Plant spring bulbs, for a beautiful spring show in your garden.   Tesselaar bulb farm have a large range of bulbs to choose from.

Winter Garden

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Rake up the fallen leaves, clear your paths and give your garden a general tidy up.  Weed your garden beds and top them up with garden mulch.

.Winter Garden

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Add some vibrant colour to your winter garden with pansies and violas for a happy display for winter. Now there’s your weekend all planned.  Have fun.