To be honest, I’m not the gardener in our home.  My husband knows I’ll forget to water any indoor plants I’ve purchased on impulse.  But I do love having indoor plants and I’ve managed to keep some alive!  Here are some of my favourite indoor plants.


I love the pretty flowers of a cyclamen and the pop of pink it brings into the room.  They usually start to flower in April, then flower through to spring, so they are a great winter flower.

Favourite Indoor Plants Cyclamen

planter pots

Maiden Hair Fern

I haven’t had a lot of success with a maiden hair fern, but I just love the soft and delicate foliage.  For tips on how to care for your maiden hair fern alive read How to Keep Your Maiden Hair Fern Alive

Favourite Indoor Plants Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf figs are know as the “it” house plant in interior design.  No wonder.  They really make a statement.  I don’t own any fiddle leaf figs, but I love the sculptural element they bring to a room.  If you’re a bit of a black thumb, check out this artificial fiddle leaf fig from Temple & Webster.

Favourite Plants Fiddle Leaf Fig

Favourite Indoor Plants Fiddle Leaf Fig

Images – Holy City Chic


Now I have to fess up.  This orchid is artificial.  That’s right.  It’s a forchid!  I have quite a few faux orchids in the house.  I did keep a real one alive when I lived in London for nearly a whole year.  You can’t go past an orchid for their stunning flower and structure.

Favourite Plants Orchid

 This orchid came from Hamptons Home.

botanical powder room purple orchid

This beautiful pink orchid (which is real) was featured in our room tour  – A Botanical Powder Room

Peace Lily

Apparently Peace Lilies do well in dark spots in the house.  That’s perfect for my laundry room.

nautical style living shelf display

This peace lily was featured in our room tour – A Nautical Inspired Living Room

Artificial Indoor Plants

If you’re still not sure you can keep your indoor plants alive, fake it until you’re ready to give the real thing a go.

Indoor Plants

Artificial Indoor Plants from Pillow Talk

Favourite Indoor Plants