When I entertain with guests over for a meal or a BBQ I always love to do some extra special things to prepare my home.  Entertaining can sometimes seem a little overwhelming and we have a few tips to help you entertain your guests in style.


Image:Brooke Wagner Design


Make sure the entrance to your home is clear of clutter, sweep the path leading to your door, and clear the clutter from each room, putting away keys, shoes and mail.  Make your guests feel relaxed in an organised space.

preparing your home for guests

Image: Home Bunch

A Tidy bathroom

Clean your bathroom, wiping down surfaces and add a scented soap with fresh clean towels.


Image: I Suwannee Blog

Fresh flowers & Candles

Adding fresh flowers to my home, either from the garden or buy fresh flowers from the local florist.  Placing them on your table setting, the side table in your living room and a small vase in your bathroom, the arrangement is always simple but looks lovely and inviting.  Light your candles just before your guests arrive, adding them to your table setting and turn your music on.


Image: The Enchanted Home

Drinks, Nibbles & Canapés

Have your glasses ready to serve pre dinner drinks to your guests upon arrival, even popping them on a tray.  Serve a simple easy to make canape to impress your guests.


Image: Deepdale House

 Fluff the living room cushions

Straighten up those sofa cushions, arrange your favourite throw rug and style your coffee table. I have many cushions on my sofa and they often need putting back in order.  Hope these simple tips are helpful and you enjoy your next night entertaining guests.