As the weather cools down, it’s that time of the year when we snuggle up on our sofa and pull a warm cozy throw over us.  There’s something about pulling a throw or blanket up over your legs that instantly warms you up on those cooler nights, but what do you do with the throw when you’re not using it?  How to you make it look stylish and not just like you’ve left it screwed up in a pile?  Here are our top 3 ways to style your throw rug or blanket.

1. Hang Your Throw Over the Arm of Your Sofa or Chair

ways to style a throw blanket

ways to style your throw rug or blanket

Images – Main – The Woodgrain Cottage,   Top Left – The Glitter Guide,   Top Right – House Beautiful UK,   Bottom Left – Better Homes & Gardens  Bottom Right – Bed Bath n’ Table

It doesn’t matter whether you fold your throw perfectly or just casually drape it.  Position the throw from the floor, up over the arm of the chair and either fold to back on itself or continue to drape it across the seat and down the front of the chair.

2. Hang the Throw Over the Back of Your Sofa or Chair

ways to style a throw

ways to style your throw

Images – Main – Sarah Richardson,  Top Left – Home Beautiful,   Top Right – Design Indulgence,  Bottom Left – Country Living, Bottom Right  – Country Living

Again, either neatly folded or loosely shaped, drape your throw from the back of the chair, over the top and down the front of the chair.

3.  Place the Throw Across the Seat of Your Sofa, Ottoman or Bench Seat

ways to style your throws

ways to sty;e your throws

Images – Main – Eclectically Vintage,  Top Left – Jurnel de design interior,  Top Right – House of Turquoise,  Bottom Left – House Beautiful,  Bottom Right – The Design Chaser

With this styling method you are not using the back or the arm of the chair at all, but simply draping the throw across the seat of the chair or ottoman.  It can be neat and square on, or casually draped across the diagonal.

Have fun and experiment with different ways to style with your throws, using these images for inspiration and guidance.  How do you style or store your throws?  Maybe in a basket?