Today we have two special guests on DIY Decorator.  Interior Designers Colin and Justin, style commentators, Hollywood celebrity interviewers and all round lifestyle gurus, whose goal is to simply share good things with good people.

Read all about their “12 Ways of Christmas” on DIY Decorator.Colin & Justin

  1. Let the currently wonderful choice of Christmas dec’s problem solve your room – if your space is cold and bland then add rich reds, natural elements and gold to warm things up. If your starting point is a little on the dark side, lighten space with sparkly finishes, cool silver and white accessories.   It’s all in the balance! The Christmas range at Target is great value.  Pop in store to check out the collection or jump online.
  2. Transform a scented candle into a large style statement by placing it in a glass storm lamp to increase both table presence and light.
  3. Don’t go overboard with too many garlands– remember it’s Christmas time, NOT camouflage time! As is often the case, less is more, so spend time and money on a well dressed tree or some tasteful accessories that will enhance your existing décor rather than compete with it.Christmas tree
  4. In addition to the tree, the fireplace is one of the main focal points so make sure yours looks stunning with decorative garlands and candles. You could also decorate the mantelpiece with holly, white berries and rich red poinsettias or add some sexy sparkle with a polished nickel Reindeer statue.!
  5. If you don’t have a fireplace or mantelpiece to decorate then all is not lost. Simply create an alternative festive focal point.  Try transforming a dresser, table or sideboard into a real festive eye catcher.  Swag with real or artificial greenery and bows, pile on baskets of fruit and nuts and decorate with candy, candles and your favourite greetings cards.
  1. For a quirky eye-catching display, peg cards onto a bunch of sturdy twigs placed in a large vase. Or decorate an artificial potted tree with jewel coloured candy.  Wrap a little wire round each sweetie twist and suspend from the branches.  Okay, so the candy won’t last long but the tree can be reused from year to year.  Alternatively, showcase Christmas cards in a wire holder such as ‘Crowd Photo Display from Umbra
  1. Start outside – hang a festive wreath on your front door to give family and friends a warm welcome and, if your florist is making your wreath or garland, ask for all the off cuts and use on the mantelpiece to tie your ‘in and out’ looks together. Come on guys – we’re having a credit crunch so don’t waste a penny!
  1. Gather cones and pile into baskets interspersed with a few which you’ve sprayed gold or silver. Or add a few pretty baubles to the mix.   A great – and inexpensive – way to create a natural look with just a little added shimmer!
  1. Be style aware – add colours, shapes and mediums that tie in with your existing room. If ‘Eames’ style mid-century modern is your home choice then add decorations that share a similar feel.Christmas 2
  1. Make sure your home is as safe as it is fun – too many electrical items plugged in can be a potential safety hazard so be careful! And remember never to leave unattended candles burning. And always switch off lights etc before you go to bed.Christmas
  1. When decorating your tree, position baubles into the ‘depth’ of the branches and not just on the outer edges – this will create a ‘fatter’ and more complete look. And remember this vital order – lights on first, followed by garlands and then finally ornaments. This layering effect works best from a design perspective and makes dressing the tree a breeze.
  1. And don’t just think visuals – remember that olfactory titillation is important too! Think about scents – as well as the fore mentioned sights – and use natural pomanders (try L’Occitaine or Jo Malone) or clove studded oranges to bring a festive bouquet to your tree.

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