Decorating your Christmas table is the final stage of preparing the perfect Christmas for your family and friends.  No matter what you are planning, whether it be an intimate meal for three, four or five or a large festive occasion for 25, preparing your table can be made simple with these six easy steps.

Christmas table settingTable Cloth

Setting the table is all about layering, start with your table cloth.  Don’t forget to iron it, it will look so much better.  Choose a table cloth to cover your table or add a placemat for each setting.  If you have a large table, try laying your table cloth across the table instead of down the length of the table.

Christmas table setting

Napkins & BonBons

You can have a lot of fun with napkins and Bon Bons on your Christmas table.  You can make your own napkins, see our napkin tutorial here, or choose a napkin and Christmas Bon Bon to compliment your table and flowers.

Christmas table setting


I love to use my best glassware for Christmas.  You don’t have to match your glasses,  I have used clear glasses on my table today.  A champagne/wine glass and a clear glass for water.  Add a glass carafe for water on your table.

Decorating Christmas Table

Dinner Set

Bring out your best dinner setting,  use a matching set or add a smaller plate in a contrasting colour.  I start with a basic white dinner set for my table setting, and  add a smaller decorative plate to the top of the dinner plate.

Any colour will do, depending on your choice of colour,  you may want to use traditional colours, pinks, blues or neutrals.  Its a good idea to have a trial run before Christmas and check that all your plates are in good condition, you may find you need some new ones.

Christmas Table Setting


This is the best part, I love decorating the table and adding the finishing touches.  You can use fresh flowers or foliage from the garden, candles.  Add decorator pieces such as a small Christmas tree or reindeer, repeat them in groups of three or five  to set the Christmas theme. Indulge in a beautiful bunch of flowers to two from your local florist to add to your table.

Christmas Table decorating


Surprise your family with a small beautifully wrapped gift, this will set the mood for your Christmas lunch together.  This doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, maybe a small box of chocolates.

Planning your Christmas table allows you to be creative and have fun, you can use traditional colours or other colour combinations.  Have you planned your Christmas table setting, do you have a traditional table?

Christmas table