Trays are a decorators best friend.  They are both functional and pretty.  I’m a big fan of trays and use them extensively in my home.  They are great for serving and entertaining, for keeping items neat and organised on a coffee table, or in the bathroom for storing perfumes and toiletries.   I especially like using trays to hold decorative objects on a dining table, so you can quickly clear the space when you need to without individually moving everything.


Image: House of Philia



Image: Looks Like White


Image Left: Susan Glick Interiors  Image right: Urrutia Interiors

Are you in need of a tray?  Well I’ve had a look around and here are 10 trays that I think will do the trick.




1.   Isodore Oval Tray from Early Settler   |   2.   Metal Mirrored Tray with Bird Handles from Early Settler   |   3.   Galvanised Metal Tray from Pottery Barn   |   4.   Saddle Leather Tray from Pottery Barn   |   5.   Clover Mirror tray from Matt Blatt   |   6.   Art Deco Tray from Hamptons Style   |   7.   Wicker & Rope tray from Alfresco Emporium   |   8.   Verona Travertine Tray from Alfresco Emporium   |   9.    Heart tray from Rococo Design   |   10. Blue Mirrored Glass tray from West Elm

Things to Consider when Buying a Tray

  • When buying a tray, make sure that it is stable.  You don’t want to put drinks down on a wobbly tray.
  • Consider whether it is necessary to have handles for easy carrying.
  • Lastly consider the material of the tray for waterproofing, durability and what sort of care and cleaning is required.

If you want to try a DIY tray check out my Gold Spray Paint Tray or this story on DIY Tray Ideas.

DIY Gold Tray

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