Your bedroom is your sanctuary.  A place to retreat, relax and escape your daily pressures.  You spend over a third of your life in bed, so decorate your bedroom and make it a pleasure to wake up to every morning.  Here are 10 tips to create a beautiful bedroom.

1. Bedside Table Styling

bedside table styling

In our post Quick Guide: Bedside Table Styling, we look at what you need on your bedside table and how to combine functionality with pretty styling.

Top Tip: Place your bedside lamp towards the back of your table and layer personal and functional items in front, creating layers.

2. Why You Need A Bedhead

pretty bed head

A bed without a bedhead or head board is like a lamp without a lampshade.  Our story on Why You Need a Bedhead, looks at how to use a bed head to create height and structure to make your bed the focal point in the room.

Top Tip: You need a bed head or feature wall.  End of story.  A mattress pushed up against a wall with no bed head doesn’t make the right statement.

3. How to Choose the Right Rug for a Queen Size Bed

Pottery barn rug under bed

This is one of our most popular bedroom posts, so many of you must struggle with knowing How to Choose the Right Size Rug for a Queen Size Bed.  This story shows you how to work it out, and gives you the three mosts popular sizes.

Top Tip: If you are going to place a rug underneath your bed, make it big enough to extend either side of the bed.

4. Tips for Buying Bed Linen

Bed Bath N Table

Bed linen is an easy way to add colour and pattern to your bedroom.  In Sam’s story Tips for Buying Bed Linen, she explains what to look for including the thread count.

Top Tip: If you want fine quality linen, look for a thread count of 400+

5. What is the Right Bedside Lamp Height

Bedside Lamp What is the right height

Just recently, I shared how to make sure you have the Right Height Bedside Lamp, especially if you are going to read in bed.  I also shared tips on how tall and wide the lamp should be.

Top Tip:  The bottom of the lampshade should be between your eyes and your shoulder

6. Four Curtain Mistakes to Avoid

Curtain Mistakes

Curtains are a great window treatment for bedrooms.  Read our story on 4 Curtain Mistakes to Avoid before you buy your next set of curtains.

Top Tip: Hang your curtains above the window frame

7. Guest Bedroom Ideas

Guest Bedroom Ideas 3

If you’ve got guests coming to stay, read our story on Guest Bedroom Ideas to make them feel welcome.  We even have a handy checklist at the bottom.

Top Tip: Go the extra mile and make your guests feel special with simple touches such as giving them the wi-fi password.

8. Bed Linen Ideas for Couples

Couples Bed Linen

What do you do when you want pink florals and he wants black?  In our story on Bed Linen Ideas for Couples, we give you some suggestions to get you on common ground.

Top Tip: Look for gender neutral plains and patterns such as stripes.

9. Hide the Bed Base

Bed ensemble

You may have bought an amazing bed that is the most comfortable you’ve ever slept on, but nobody wants to see the base.  In our story Hide the Bed Base we show you some options to cover it up and make it pretty.

Top Tip: The bottom of the bed is not meant to be seen outside the showroom – Cover it with a valance or cover!

10.Shoe Storage Ideas

Shoe Box Storage Ideas Collage

Not forgetting wardrobe storage solutions which are part of your bedroom.  Our story on Shoe Storage Ideas has you covered.

Top Tip: Get those shoes off the floor and into shoe boxes or clear acrylic drawers.


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