I know what you’re thinking.  What the heck is hygge and why do I need it in my home?  Well read on and I’ll tell you all about the Danish lifestyle phenomena that’s sweeping across Europe.


How Do You Say Hygge?

The Danish word hygge is pronounced “hue-gah” or “hoo-gah”.  Just say it in your best Danish accent.

What Does Hygge Mean?

There is no direct translation of the word hygge in English.

For those of you familiar with iconic Australian movie The Castle.  It’s like when Daryl and his lawyer are arguing his case in the High Court and they keep referring to “it’s just the vibe”.  Well Hygge is a feeling.

It’s the Danish ritual of enjoying the simple pleasures in life – friends, family, porridge, anything really.  It’s that cosy, warm, satisfied feeling of content.

According to Hygge House it’s:

a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day things more meaningful, beautiful or special.

creating a hygge home

Image via Sheer Luxe

So next time you make a cup of tea, create a little ritual so you can really be in the moment and enjoy the pleasure of this simple, everyday task.

Why you Should create a Hygge Home

I love the concept of hygge, as it’s all about enjoying the little things in life.  It’s about making the ordinary special.  Turning the everyday into a fond ritual and memory.

Here are 3 quick things you can do to bring a little more hygge into your home:

  • Enjoy your morning tea or coffee in a pretty cup or mug.  Take pleasure with every sip and take a break from your to-do list while you drink.
  • Make a cosy reading nook.  Okay, we’re coming into summer so I’m not saying grab your slippers and a blanket, but create a relaxing place to sit, even if that’s on your verandah or in the garden.
  • Turn off the overhead lights at night and watch tv by the glow of lamps, fairy lights or candles.  Better yet, turn the tv off and play cards or talk to your family.

Hygge Home

Image via Hygge House

Further Reading on Hygge

Now that you have a basic understanding of hygge, you may want to explore it further.  Here’s some suggested reading:

Little Book of Hygge

The Little Book of Hygge

Helen, over at Design Hunter in the UK has written a great article called 10 Ways to Embrace Hygge this Winter

Hygge Home

and Karen at The White Approach has an article called Feel the Hygge

Hygge apron

Hygge apron available on Etsy

How are you going to add a little hygge into your home?  I think I’ll start with some scented candles.

Hygge Home