All beds should have a bedhead.  Sorry, but beds without a bedhead are like a lamp with no lampshade. They just look wrong and unfinished. This bed would look so plain without a bed head. pretty bed head

Bedheads provide height and structure to the bed, creating a focal point. They create visual interest and often form the base for the colours and patterns used in the room. Bedheads give a bed a sense of substance, and are both decorative and functional at the same time.

Pillows look better propped up against a bedhead than against the wall.  Who wants to sit in bed and lean against a wall anyway?  Bedheads come in all different shapes, sizes and finishes – upholstered, rattan, timber, four-poster beds.  There are so many options available.

upholstered bed head

Image Ballard Designs

tufted head board

Image Feasby & Bleeks Interior Design, Toronto

pottery barn upholstered bed

Image from Pottery Barn

bed canopy bed head

Image via here

vintage rustic timber doors as bed head

Even this image of rustic vintage doors used as a bed head look fantastic.  Better than no bed head at all.

white rattan bed head

This is the bed in my guest bedroom.  I bought the rattan bed head on eBay for $21, and used a spray gun to paint it white.  It looks so much better than having no bedhead behind the bed and being a DIY Decorator, it was well within budget.

Search our directory to find great bed heads.  View this story on where to buy custom made upholstered bed heads.  Once you get your bed head sorted, don’t forget to add a bed valance (my other pet hate in the bedroom).