Hello and welcome back to DIY Decorator in 2017.  I am so excited to help  you with your decorating goals this year, but first I want to post a quick story about how some of our still life photos have been turned into original pieces of artwork by some clever and talented artists.

Boxwood Wreath

It started in December 2015 when a photo Sam took to show how to make a boxwood wreath was turned into a pretty sketch by illustrator Jeanne McKay Hartmann.  I was so chuffed that somebody had been inspired by one of our photos and used it as inspiration to create their own original artwork.


Photo from How to Make a Boxwood Wreath

When life becomes art

Artwork by @jeannemckayhartmann

Peony Ginger Jar

Then again in October 2016, A ginger jar of peonies provided Laura White the inspiration for another artwork.  The painting is currently exhibited at the Moree Gallery in NSW.

Life becomes art

A beautiful photo of peonies from Sam’s garden in a ginger jar

Life becomes art

Original artwork by @laurawhite_art

Blue & White Vignette

Just before Christmas a photo I took in my family room became an original artwork by Phoebe from Sprout Gallery.  I was so excited to see the artwork.  It sold instantly and I love the idea that a little vignette I created is now hanging in someone’s home.

Life becomes art

A blue and white vignette.  Photo taken by me.

Life becomes art

A painting by Phoebe sold via Sprout Gallery.


Now in January, my daughter and her ballet coach have been turned into a beautiful watercolour by Margot in New York @pointebrush

Life becomes art

Claudia Dean Coaching.  Photography by Quince & Mulberry

Life becomes art

Watercolour artwork by @pointebrush

My daughter will appear in the lead role as Cinderella for Ballet Theatre Queensland this week at QPAC in Brisbane.  So I’m downing tools and devoting my week to the role of ballet mum and stage crew so I can enjoy every moment of her performance.

I’ll be back blogging regularly very soon and I can’t wait the share all the exciting plans I have for DIY Decorator with you.  I’ll also be sharing my tips to edit your instagram photos so maybe one day you will see one of your photos as a piece of artwork.