Have you ever come across a beautiful image in instagram and wished you could pin it to one of your Pinterest boards?  Well you can.  Here’s how:

Step 1

how to pin instagram photos step 1

Open instagram on your phone and find an instagram image you love.  I love this bedroom setting from Black Band Design.  Click on the circles below the picture, then click on Copy Share URL.

Step 2

how to pin instagram photos step 2

You will get a confirmation on the instagram photos that the URL has been copied.  Now open your pinterest app on your phone and click the plus sign at the top.

Step 3

how to pin instagram photos step 3

In the pop up menu click Clipboard, then choose the photo you want to pin.

Step 4

how to pin instagram pictures step 4

Select the board you want to save the pin to.  You will get a confirmation message that you pin has been saves to the board you chose.  Now you can return to your instagram feed to discover more beautiful pictures.

Pinterest is a great tool for home decorators.  Save inspiration, ideas, how to’s and products you like.  Have a look at DIY Decorator’s Pinterest Boards where we have over 12,000 pins.

If you want to automatically save all your own instagram pictures to a Pinterest board, you can do that using IFTTT.  Read all about how to do that with Kylie Lewis from OfKin on the Life Instyle Blog.

Happy Pinstagramming

How to pin instagram photos