I have recently bought some beautiful artwork to hang in my living room.  It has been one of the items on my “to do” list.  I have been trying to decide in what formation to hang them and what to use to hang them with.  I have settled on a simple white frame and I have used the brass plated picture hooks from Bunnings.  Follow our simple guide to hang your artwork.

How to hang artwork

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Firstly work out where to position your artwork on your wall.  I am going to hang my artwork at eye level, and hang a few pieces side by side together on another wall.

How to hang artwork

What you will need.

Pencil, blu-tack, measuring tape, stud finder (if required), picture hooks, or picture hanging strips, hammer and spirit level.  I have used a spirit level app called ihandi available from itunes.

how to hang artwork

Hanging Guide

  • Find your wall’s centre.  Start by meausring the width of the wall and divide the measurement by two.   Mark the halfway point with a pencil or use some blu-tack.  I find blu-tack the easiest to use and you can see it so much better.
  • If you are hanging two frames side by side.  Measure back from the middle of the wall point, half of the frame width and add 3.5cm each side of the centre, which is half of the 7cm for the distance between the frames. This will be your nail point.
  • Using a metal measuring tape,  measure down from the ceiling to the position you wish to hang your picture.  Mark the wall at the center of the top of the frame with either a pencil or piece of blue tac. Take into consideration the position of the hook or hanging string on the back of your frame. Allow a few more centimeters for the position of the hook on the back of your frame.
  • The brass nail hanging kit is really helpful in that it only allows you to attach the nail on an angle to secure your picture.
  • Place the frame on the nail, adjusting to make sure it’s hanging straight, again use your ihandi app or spirit level.

how to hang artwork

Hanging Hooks

You can use picture hooks that need nailing into the wall. If your picture is very heavy it is recommended that you find a wall stud to help secure your picture on the wall.  Use an electric stud finder to locate the studs. Wall studs are usually placed 400 or 600mm apart.

3M command picture hanging strips are another alternative available from your local hardware store.  They come in different sizes depending on the size and weight of your frame.  Check the guide on the back when you are buying your picture hanging strips.

how to hang artwork

When hanging more than one frame, leave a seven centimetre gap between each frame.  This is a good guide to hanging two or more pictures.  My pictures are all in the same room, and I have chosen to hang them all at the same height on each wall.

How to hang artwork

I found my prints at Sprout Gallery and have framed them in a white frame with a white matt, using old frames I already had.  You can see some of Michelle’s beautiful work on her website.  My small update of my living room is almost complete, I have also added some beautiful cushions from Gilles and Franck you might remember them from our cushion story here on DIY Decorator.

Have you got picture to hang still sitting on your to do list.  Follow this guide and make it a job to do this weekend.  Get that artwork up on your wall and enjoy it.
how to hang a picture perfectly
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