How to make DIY Slipcovers for dining chairs – THE VIDEO!!!!  Yes, I’m being very brave today and putting myself out there with a DIY video to show you how to make these simple slipcovers for a dining chair.

DIY Slipcovers for dining chair

These are my dining room chairs and they have white seat cushions.  White + teenagers = slipcovers needed.  The slipcovers I made are the same size as the top of the seat cushion, plus a straight border around the sides.  Full details on how to measure and sew these slipcovers is on the video below.

We hope the video is useful and easy to follow.  It was nerve wracking to film and we have learnt a lot about making videos.  We hope to bring you more helpful DIY Decorating videos in the future.


DIY Slipcovers Dining Chairs