If the last time you painted an Easter egg was in primary school, like me, then you must try this DIY project for painted Easter eggs.  It feels so good to mix up the paints, and paint the eggs, and even more fun to display them in your home and create a little Easter cheer.

DIY painted Easter eggs in bowl

What You’ll Need

DIY Painted Easter egg supplies

I used:

  • Paintable plastic Easter eggs $3.95 for 6 at Overflow (try craft and dollar shops)
  • Paints – Mont Marte 2 Seasons Summer & Spring Watercolour set $19.95 from Overflow (try craft and dollar shops)
  • Paint brush
  • Container for mixing paint

How to Paint

There’s really not much to this project.  A primary school student could do it (and they do – they have all the fun!)  Just set yourself up at a table or desk, with your paints and paint away.

DIY painted Easter eggs

My tips:

  • I used watercolour paint as I like the matt finish they produce, and I liked the colours available which meant I didn’t have to custom mix the colours.
  • The eggs I painted were plastic, so watercolour paint just beads and won’t stick to the plastic.  To get around this I applied a coat of white acrylic paint over the egg first, so the paint would stick.  If you’re using acrylic paints you can just paint straight onto the egg.
  • I also painted some smaller polystyrene eggs.  I was able to paint directly onto these without an undercoat.
  • I found it best to paint one side of the egg first.  Let it dry.  Then turn it over and paint the other side.  I applied 2 coats of paint to each egg.

The Result

DIY painted easter eggs in carton

I just love the mix of spring pastel colours.  These eggs would look equally good in soft muted tones, or even gold.

How to Display Your Painted Easter Eggs

So you have your pretty paints eggs – now what?  Here are a few ideas for displaying them in your home.

DIY painted Easter eggs under chicken wire cloche

Where do you put eggs?  In chicken wire of course!  I made this cloche a few years back.  You’ll find a tutorial on how to make it at Stylish Settings.

DIY painted Easter eggs in glass bucket

In a glass container.  The egg cups are from Big W, the chalkboard sign is from Kmart, the artificial grass is from Bunnings, and the cute white ceramic bunny is from Kmart.

diy painted Easter eggs in birds nest

In a bird’s nest.  It’s quite difficult to find ready-made bird’s nests in craft stores in Australia, and I didn’t want to kick any of my feathered friends out of their home, so I made my own bird’s nest with some coconut fibre from the garden section of the hardware store.  The teal fabric underneath is from Fabric Traders.

DIY painted easter eggs table setting

Or include your eggs as part of your Easter table setting. The footed plate is from Early Settler.

I chose strong pastel colours as I really wanted a spring feel that I used to get in London at the end of a long winter.  Of course, here in Brisbane, Easter is usually the last of our really hot weather and things start to cool down shortly after.

If you haven’t got time to paint your Easter eggs this year, Pin It for now for next Easter.

DIY painted Easter egg tutorial