Don’t you just love Kate Spade’s range of gold dots accessories?  I thought I could DIY the Kate Spade Dots Vase, but first I had to work out just how Kate Spade gets her dots to look so good.  I’ve worked it out and have even created a template for you to use to achieve the perfect Kate Spade Dots.

DIY Kate Spade Dots

The Inspiration

This is the Pearl Place Vase from Kate Spade which retails for US$75 (A$199 and out of stock)

Kate Spade gold dot vase

What You’ll Need

Here’s what you’ll need to create your DIY Kate Spade Dots Vase:

  • A clear cylinder vase – I bought a plain 19cm high vase from the discount shop for $6.  Big W also have a taller 25cm cylinder vase for $10
  • Gold spots – I bought a box of 250 24mm removable circle dots $8 from Officeworks
  • A pen/pencil, paper and a circle template the size of your dots (or just use some stickers)

diy kate spade gold dots

The Kate Spade notebook was a gift from Sam (the other half off DIY Decorator).  I used this to create the Kate Spade dot template.

Creating A Dot Template

As simple as it sounds to stick some gold dots on a glass vase, if you want to get the dots spaced just right, you need to create a template in the Kate Spade way.

how to diy kate spade dots

Here’s how to create a dot template for whichever size dots you are using:

Step 1 – Print out some grid paper – I downloaded a 25mm sheet from Custom Graph

Step 2 – Use your circle template to trace circles evenly apart both horizontally and vertically.  My labels were 24mm in diameter so I left 24mm space between each dot.  If you don’t have a circle template, use stickers to create your template.

Step 3 – Here’s the key to getting the Kate Spade look.  Place a blank sheet of paper over the grid paper, the turn the grid paper 45 degrees clockwise.  Now instead of your dots looking in uniform rows, they now look more spaced out and offset.

Step 4 – Trace around the circles on the grid paper underneath to create your 45 degrees offset dot template.  Here’s what mine looked like.  I left the image at full size so you can print it up if you like.

Kate Spade dots template

Placing the Dot Stickers on the Vase

To put the dots on your vase, place your dot template inside the vase, up against the glass.  Add the dots one at a time, then move the template around, lining it up with the dots you have already placed.  Continue doing this until you have added all the dots.

kate spade dot template


  • I made sure my row of 3 vertical dots was evenly spaced for the height of my vase.
  • I also checked the spacing of my dots around the vase before I added the stickers, to make sure I didn’t end up with 2 rows of dots on top of each other at the end.

Here is the finished vase:

diy kate spade dots gold vase

I placed it on my work desk next to my pretty Kate Spade office accessories.

diy kate spade dots

Now that you know the secret to achieving the Kate Spade dots look, you can create a template for any size dots and get creative.  I’d love to see what you make.  Please tag us @diydecorator on instagram or Facebook.

diy kate spade dots

How to DIY Kate Spade Vase