The trend for copper in interior decoration continues to grow, and has made it’s way into our bathrooms.  Copper baths, sinks and taps….the choices are endless.  If you love the look of copper in the bathroom, and want a change from everything being chrome, you’ll love some of the latest products to hit the market.

Copper Bathroom

Astra Walker Bright Copper Taps

I recently read a blog post all about copper taps on The Plumbette’s Blog.  She’s a plumber so she know a thing or two about taps, so check out the story, including her tips for how to clean your copper.  Inspired by this trend I’ve found some great ways that you can add copper to your bathroom. If you’re just after a touch of copper, try hanging a copper mirror.

Copper Bathrooms mirror with chain strap

Copper Hanging Mirror from Pillow Talk

Or you could go all the way with this magnificent full copper bath.  Copper is a great conductor of heat so your bath will stay beautiful and warm.

Copper Bathroom freestanding copper bath

Freestanding Copper Bath from Copper Bath AustraliaCopper Bathroom

1.  Broadware Halo Wallset  from Sydney Bathroomware   2.   Copper Wall Mirror from The Family Love Tree   |   3.   Copper Hand Mirror from The Family Love Tree   |   4.   Metropolis Mixer Tap from Astra Walker   |   5.   Oliveri Spectra sink in copper from Domayne Online   |   6.   Octagonal Copper Candle from The Shelley Panton Store    |   7.   Copper Bathroom Essential Range from Linen House   8.   Pinch Floor Mount Bath Outlet in Rose Copper from Roger Seller   |   9.   Copper taps from Copper Bath Australia

According to Geoscience Australia, copper was the first metal used by man, probably more than 7000 years ago.  It’s beautiful colour and resistance to corrosion makes it the ideal metal to use in plumbing, and is particularly suited to homes near the sea.  So what do you think – would you add some copper to your next bathroom makeover?

Where to Buy Copper Bathroom Accessories