Is your bedside table styled to perfection and a joy to wake up to every morning or is it drowning in clutter so you can’t even see the top of it?  Whilst your bedside table needs to be functional, it can also be pretty.  Here is our quick guide to bedside table styling.

1. Lighting

bedside table styling

Designed by Kate Marker Interiors

Whether you choose a wall sconce or a lamp, you will need some form of lighting by your bedside.  Decide if you are going to centre the lamp on the bedside table or offset it to the side.  Bedside lamps are usually tall and will anchor the setting.  Place your lamp at the back so you can layer other items in front of it.

2. Necessities

bedside table styling

Image: With Love From Kat

Now comes the reality check.  Most of us actually need more stuff on our bedside tables than a lamp and a pretty bunch of flowers.  We have books, tissues, jewellery, glasses of water, hand cream, a clock, phone charger and a notepad and pen for those 3am ideas.  To keep the clutter at bay hide the tissue box in a pretty cover, stack the books neatly either vertically or horizontally, place jewellery in a pretty box or tray and when all else fails go to step 3 – storage.

3. Storage

bedside table styling

Designed by Karla Amadatsu Design

Utilise a bedside table that has storage space.  Drawers are great as you can hide things away and keep a clean look.  If your bedside table has open storage, use a basket to hide and contain the clutter.  Small boxes and dishes can hold small items on top of the table.

4. Personal Items

bedside table styling

Design: The Doctor’s Closet via Style Me Pretty Living

Your bedroom is an intimate place, so your bedside table is the perfect place to keep personal and sentimental items that make you smile such as photos of loved ones, inspirational quotes or memorabilia.

5. Flowers & Fragrance

bedside table styling

Design: Lemon Stripes

Finally add some fragrance with some fresh flowers or a scented candle.  Yes you can use artificial flowers but it is rather lovely to have fresh flowers by the bed, even if you just use a bud vase with a single bloom.

I hope you are inspired to style your bedside table with these quick styling tips.  We are looking for bedrooms to feature on DIY Decorator.  We’d love to see a picture of your bedside table style.  Send us an email, post it to Facebook, or tag us on instagram.