When my home was featured on Houzz recently, I remarked in the interview that I use what I call Hi Lo decorating.  So today, I just wanted to show you exactly what I mean when I say Hi Lo decorating, and how you can achieve it in your home too.

Hi Lo Decorating

What is Hi Lo Decorating?

Well it’s actually just a term that I use to describe when you mix high end designer pieces with more budget friendly pieces.  It’s not just using high priced items with low priced items.  It’s about mixing custom made or high quality investment pieces with more affordable mass produced pieces to achieve the look you’re after at a lower cost.

In the Bedroom

Hi Lo Decorating

This is my bedside lamp.  I have a matching pair either side of the bed.  The lamp base is an investment piece.  It’s the Lyon lamp and is around $300 from Living Styles.

When I bought my lamps, the lampshades weren’t included and would have been another $150, so instead I went to Bunnings and picked up 2 linen shades for $15 each.  Having the cheaper shades doesn’t make the lamps look less expensive or any worse.  So this is what I call Hi Lo decorating – achieving the look you want by mixing Hi and Lo pieces together.

The linen curtains are custom made but without the high price tag, so I guess they too are Hi Lo decorating.

In the Dining Room

Hi Lo decorating

In my dining room I have 2 Carina Sherlock cane backed armchairs that were quite expensive when I bought them 15 years ago.  Instead of getting custom cushions and upholstery for the chairs I managed to pick up the chair pads from IKEA, and I made the scatter cushions myself.  I also made dining chair slip covers in the same blue fabric.

Likewise, my beautiful artwork from Sprout Gallery is framed in simple IKEA frames rather than paying for custom framing.


The little marble table was a second hand find from The Old Boathouse and my latest addition is this faux orchid from Hamptons Home

Out on the Deck

Hi Lo Decorating

Even out on my deck, I use Hi Lo decorating.  The vintage cane lounge is a special piece, but the outdoor cushion was found in Bed Bath n Table.  I got both cushions for about $75, yet the quote I got for a custom made lounge cushion was over $800.

The black and white roll down blind was custom made from Interiors Solutions Brisbane, but the wall light was from Temple & Webster.

Its just a matter of mixing the pieces together so the lower end more budget pieces work together with the higher end investment pieces to achieve the overall look you are after.  If you can save a little bit of money on one thing without compromising the look, you’ve got more money to put aside for the items where you have to spend a little more to get what you want.

Do you do Hi Lo decorating in our house?  Share a photo to the hash tag #glimpseofmyhome to show us.

Hi Lo Decorating